Chinese Adviser Ms. Liu Lingling



SSRU employs Professor LIU LING LING as a Chinese doctoral supervisor of Performing Arts

Professor Liu Lingling, is from Guizhou Province, she was born in 1979. Her Ph.D. graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, mainly engaged in the study of minority music, folk song singing, intangible cultural heritage in southern China, and now she is a professor at the Conservatory of Music of Guangxi Academy of Art. The articles include :" An Introduction to Guangxi Mulao's Religious Sacrificial Music "、" Research on Chinese Minority Religious Music (Guangxi Volume)"、" Contemporary Expression of ASEAN Music and the Teaching of Local Music Characteristics in Guangxi "、" People's Music "、" Research on the spread of traditional music culture in the new media era " 、 “Journalistic front”. In 2012, she participated in the "University Social Science Library" support project of the University Social Science Development Center of the Ministry of education;In 2015,she participated in the talent cultivation project of National Art Fund, talent cultivation of Zhuang folk song art.Got the Excellent instructor of "2015 juorange cup national art management student creative planning competition".

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