Chinese Adviser Ms.Ren Xiulei


任秀蕾教授,山东人,1973年生,博士毕业于中央音乐学院,主要从事音乐理论方面研究,现为云南艺术学院音乐学院的教授。在云南出版社出版的专著《中国合唱创作思维研究》,获得云南省哲学社会科学优秀成果三等奖;在财经大学出版社出版的主要教材有《中国近现代音乐鉴赏》等;在权威期刊《中国音乐学》发表过主要论文为《周淑安的历史地位》;在核心期刊《人民音乐》发表过论文《拓而能容 有容乃大——听徐昌俊“龙舞”有感》。主要负责音乐史研究。

SSRU employs Professor REN XIU LEI as a Chinese doctoral supervisor of Performing Arts

Professor Ren Xiulei, is from Shandong Province, was born in 1973. Her Ph.D.graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, mainly engaged in music theory research.Now she is a professor of Yunnan Academy of Art Conservatory of Music. She won the third prize for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social science in Yunnan Province; the main teaching materials published in the University of Finance and Economics Press is "Appreciation of Modern Chinese Music "; the main paper published in the authoritative journal" Chinese Musicology "is" Zhou Shu-an's Historical Position "; “Expand and be able to accommodate and be able to accommodate -- listening to Xu Changjun's "Dragon Dance" and feeling” published in the core journal people's music.


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